Sigil Splash Art - Normal Sigil Splash Art - Ronin


The marsh warden




Primary: Mage
Secondary: Assassin


The story of Sigil

Compassion. Healing. Knowledge

My people once had a history. Our creed soaked in the wetlands twixt the Ironspikes and Demacia. I had always believed that we would live and die with the marshes. I had always believed until that day, the ones with glittering skin came to us.

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Sigil‘s interaction ingame

Compassion. Healing. Knowledge

Sigil relies on the power of the swamp he lives in, his staff and on his immense agility used to roam it. As a mystic creature with hidden powers he himself doesn't even fully comprehend, he is a dreaded opponent and dualist. With his friend and companion Seren at his side collecting fireflies for him and thus empowering Sigil, they can be an unstoppable force. With his immense mobility (especially on that cool hoverboard) he has immense gank and counterjungling potential. The staff and Sigil are inseparable; the staff is an extension of Sigil himself.

He can freely use it to give himself vision, suprise enemies with his flashy W > E > Q combo or getting out of a hot fight. That being said, Sigil is a jungler who's versatile on many aspects such as mobility, burst potential, counterjungling and clearing his jungle. On the other hand, he's very squishy so watch out. And the most important thing: he's fun to play! (We think).

Skill set

Abillities of the champion

Seren's Collection


When Sigil doesn't hold his staff, basic attacks are disabled. Every 5th basic attack is a killing blow dealing true damage to jungle monsters

(doesn't work on cowardly monsters), releasing a firefly, collected by Seren. Every firefly gives permanent bonus magic damage on Sigil's basic attacks.


Inner Fury / Pulse


Sigil can slash two times with his staff while walking, dealing magic damage. This skills interacts with Sigil's W. When Sigil just returned his staff to his hand, Inner Fury silences Sigil's target and deal more damage. However, if his staff is still in the place he throwed it too, Inner Fury transforms into Pulse. Sigil can now release two pulses from his staff, going in all directions, dealing magic damage. When his staff returns, he can use Inner Fury again.


Throw Staff


Sigil throws his staff to a location, slowing the first enemy it hits and giving vision, hovering in the spot it was thrown to.

When reactivating Throw Staff, the staff returns to Sigil, dealing magic damage to the first target it hits.


Magical Leash


Sigil's jumps towards his staff, retrieving it and gracefully landing on the ground dealing AoE damage. If it hits an enemy, Sigil gets a movement speed buff.


Seren's Collect


Sigil begins to glow, drawing energy from his staff. After one second he uses his staff as a hoverboard, draining fireflies per second (bonus magic damage is not lost while losing fireflies). While on the "hoverboard" he gains a movement speed bonus. When Sigil doesn't hold his staff while activating Magical Travel, the staff returns to Sigil automatically before jumping on it. His skills also change:



Pros and cons of Sigil

Plays well with


The Exile

With Riven's mobility and potential damage on his side, they can hunt any champion down and deal massive damage in teamfights. Their skills synergize very well. Riven can stun her enemy, while Sigil jumps in lane, dealing damage and slashing around just like Riven. Together they are an infamous duo.


The Unforgiven

Yasuo can lock his enemies down with his ultimate and deal massive damage. His chase potential is great too. Because of this he works very well with Sigil; when Yasuo has locked down his enemy, Sigil can go loose with his bursting abilities.


The Battle Mistress

Her shield, ultimate and Q are deadly skills especially for Sigil. She can just counter his Q>E combo with her shield, disengaging with her ultimate all while dealing damage to Sigil with her Q and basic attacks. When the enemy has a Sivir, Sigil's chasing ability is pretty much fully countered by her ultimate.

Struggles against


The Storm's Fury

With her strong disengage potential, she can make sure Sigil can never reach her allies. She has just the right ingredients for a Sigil counter.


Scorn Of The Moon

With Diana's burst potential, Q, W and ultimate combo, she can burst the squishy Sigil down and keep reaching him. Very hard matchup for Sigil.

Lee Sin

The blind Monk

Lee Sin outsustains Sigil very hard and he can be a pain in the ass for him the whole game. Our blind monk can kick him away, deactivating Sigil's chase. On the other hand, he can chase Sigil easily when he tries to run.

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